TI 83 Plus Graphing Calculator Review

The TI 83 plus graphical calculator is a product of the renowned Texas Instrument company, which has been producing graphing calculators ever since 1990. This problem solving gadget was basically created to aid mathematics and also science students in solving   graph equations, comparing functions, analyzing and plotting data. This includes problems from Algebra 1, Trigonometry or Geometry. It is capable of analyzing a maximum of 10 functions. The TI 83 plus graphical calculator has a split screen that enables it to evaluate tables and display graphs. This aids you in that one can plot the graph as you confirm from the table values all at the same time.

Unlike some calculators, the TI 83 can easily be held by hand. It has a width of about 3.5 inches and a height of 7.5inches. The width is of about 1 inch. It weighs about 8 ounces. Normally, it is black in color with blue, white and black buttons. At the top left, there are two odd buttons, one green and one yellow. The green one is for alpha while the yellow one is for shift, also known as second. It has an LCD screen with a resolution of 64 X 96 pixels. This makes it crystal clear and easy to read. It can accommodate 8 lines each with 12 characters hence enabling multi line functions. The TI-83 plus graphical calculators has an in-built memory that can sufficiently store graphical data. It can only be shipped to specific countries that are not within the United States. Its shipping weight is about a pound.


TI 83 plus graphics

Graphically, the TI 83 plus graphical calculator is fully capable of doing a lot of. It can automatically trace interception points. Addition, multiplication and even subtraction of matrices made easy by this calculator due to is powerful matrix editor, though it cannot perform functions that entail division of matrices. Its list editor can analyze information using either graphical or numerical means.  It can perform 3-D dimension graphs and calculus operations. The TI 83 plus graphical calculator can access graphical analysis, regression analysis and even data analysis together with logarithm, financial, trigonometry and calculus of which are all very vital tools used in advanced analysis. One can also multi task using this calculator. This is whereby you view a specific problem, its graph and coordinates all at the same time.

The good thing with the TI 83 plus graphical calculator is that it can easily be programmed by anybody with technical computer knowhow. Through a program, the calculator can take in most of the functions. There are two ways of keying in these programs into the TI 83 one can either use a computer or type the command directly into the calculator. Among the supported programs, there is one known as Flash applications. Generally, these applications are complicated. When being typed into a computer, one has to use a special kind of language.

On buying, the TI 83 plus calculator comes with a detailed manual that directs one on each and every aspect of the calculator functions. The manual has been divided into sections each with a tutorial called Quick Start. It provides some kind of practical for most of the topics in a specific chapter. In fact, one can even learn how to program the TI 83 just by thoroughly reading the manual. It vividly explains the procedure and the language used in programming.

The interface, which can be described as whatever interprets commands between two parties, between a TI 83 plus and a computer or PC that has a link port is known as the TI Graph Link cable. The type highly depends on the type of computer it is being used with. Though the Graph Link cable does not come with the calculator, one can purchase it as an added accessory. However, silver edition calculator is normally accompanied with a Black Link cable.

In conclusion, the TI 83 plus graphical calculator is a must have for high school students doing algebra, pre-calculus and calculus mathematics, chemistry and physics. College students are also in the list since it is essential in advanced courses in chemistry, mathematics and chemistry. Purchasing it is not hard. Normally, it costs about one hundred and fifty dollars but one can get good rates in selected stores and websites such as in Amazon.com where they cost about a hundred dollars. It always comes with a one year warranty. They are also available for shipping but only in selected countries outside the United States. Its shipping weight is about a pound.